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 My Dog won't come back

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PostSubject: My Dog won't come back   Wed Jun 03 2015, 08:58

There are so many factors with dogs not coming back and I’m sorry to say it’s 50% down to owners
Also some breeds don’t help such as the husky Breeds, Newfoundland’s etc. but here we’re only concerned with GSD’s which I think got to be one of the better breeds for coming back.
Let’s start with the puppy; The first time (after all it’s injection etc) he’s taken up the park let him off lead as he will follow you anywhere, don’t just walk play with him talk to him have fun so he thinks this is brilliant I can’t wait till next time.
Let’s get on to dogs that have come from rescue or never had any former training; here again soon as you get the dog start playing with him a ball on a rope (my favorite), Frisbee a tuggy toy etc.
Start him of on a long training lead 15-20 feet should do (Not an extendable one.) Using a ball on a rope play with it then throw it as soon as he gets to it and picks it up tell him to “come” don’t worry about his name as he already know that  and guide him back to you with the lead, when he gets back have tug play and repeat again for a few times then put the ball in your pocket, just let him wonder of to do a bit of sniffing (still on the long lead) then “come” using the lead, when he’s back make a big fuss give him a treat, get the ball out have a tug and really let know how happy you are. *As you progress you can let go of the lead. don’t take it of until your confident on his recall*, One collie I worked with as soon as the lead was of the recall went out the window so we kept cutting a few feet of the lead and it ended up 2 foot long !! His owner kept it like this for about 6 months, Now he has brilliant recall with no lead.
The above is my favorite method. Remember if he wont come back never chase after him turn run the other way run/ cheer wave your arms in the air and he’ll think what the hell's going on I better go and see!!
Never tell a dog of when doe’s get back, even if you been an hour trying, if you do next time he’ll think I ain’t going there I got told of last time.
Finally be consistent and enjoy

*Let the lead trail the dog as most will zig zag in front of you or circle you. with the lead trailing it's easy to pick it up or put your foot on it.*


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My Dog won't come back
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