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 Using a Whistle

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PostSubject: Using a Whistle   Tue Jun 02 2015, 23:27

A whistle can be used for many different commands. I prefer to just use them for recall
In my onion Acme gun dog 210.5 are the best and cost about £6.5 on eBay

To start for using whistle for recall;
Have him (the dog) sat in front of you . Make sure no commands are given .
Then 2 pips on the whistle then treat ;
Repeat this 3- 4 times
Then walk away
Keep doing above every 2-3 hours (|if poss.) through out the day and repeat for the next 2 or 3 days .
Then start doing it randomly in the garden/house you will soon see when he’s got the idea.
Remember don’t put commands in with the whistle.
Also give two pips on the whistle when you put his meals down .
Good luck and don’t be in a hurry.


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Using a Whistle
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